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Cold Room

Ice Make is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly efcient Cold Room and Storage this is easy to operate and betterin performance. this tailor-made productrange is built with premium quality range of material in standard size and customized specication to fulll our customer needs.

Applications : Industries such as Puf Panel (Thickness): 50,75,100,120,150 mm

Application : Storage of Frozen Food – Vegetables, Ice-cream, Horticulture, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dairy-Bakery and Dry Fruits. Temperature : -30 to +40 degree Celsius.

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Condensing Unit

Features: High cooling with low power consumption. Designed for high ambient condition up to 55C.
Condensing coil with inner grooved copper tubes & aluminum ns. Efcient fans with external motors for single phase and three phase. High and low pressure cut-out including mounting brackets, wired to terminal strip.
Large size lter drier, moisture indicator, solenoid valve, oil separator and accumulator. Shrell & Tube type condenser with high cooling and capability.

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Evaporated Unit Features:
Fan – High reliability, lowertemperature resistance and low noise external rotorfans.

Coil – High Efciency heat exchange with in line tube system for minimum loss of air ow between fans and large surface area for better cooling.

Defrost – Use electrical heating stainless steel pipe, high leak proofness at the end anti electrical leakage and long life.

Unity Body – Aluminum, PU Type Powder Coated, Corrosion resistant and nice appearance body.

Maintenance – Compact, adjustable & easy open able side panels for easy installation.

Control Panel

Features : Temperature Controls, Phase Preventing, HP-LP, Over current protection, Auto Defrost, Delay timer.

Refrigerated Container Transport with tempreature(+12 degree Celsius to -25 degree Celsius) for all perishable foods. All type of vehicle as (small, Mini Truck & Heavy Loading Truck).

Types of construction : Heavy Structure with Pre-Fabricated joint Less GRP single Panel(Glass-Fiber Reinforced plastic). All kind of panels & top panels made with good wooden structure and bottom panel with metal structure.

Wall Thickness : Insulated Wall thickness 80 mm (Small Vehicle), 100 mm (Mini Truck) & 125 mm(Heavy Loading Truck)

[robo-gallery id=103] Surface Material : Outside GRP Skin Thickness as per requirement (1.5 mm to 2 mm) or S.S.Grade 304 Thickness 0.5 mm. Inside GRP Skin Thickness as per requirement (1.5 mm to 2 mm) or S.S.Grade 304 Thickness 0.5 mm.
Types of Floor: We are providing, outside GRP sheet, Thickness (1.5 to 2 mm) & inside 9mm 0r 19 mm Marine Ply and top material as per below details.

Option -1 :Aluminum Checkered Plate.

Option -2 :S.S.Corrugated Prole. Outside & Inside GRP sheet, Thickness (1.5 to 2 mm) with inside 9 mm or 19 mm Marine Ply and top.

Option -3 :Aluminum ‘T’ prole for easy moving & air pollution.

Option -4 :Aluminum Corrugated Prole. Door: Single Loft Doorfor small vehicle & Double Loft Doorfor Mini and Heady Loading Truck.

Curd Incubation Chamber

Model : Static Type & Portable Type/ MI-360, MI-650(Mini)
Capacity : As per Requirement/ Mini -360 Ltr/665 Ltr

Application : Curd Incubation Incubation Temperature :40 to 50 degree